The success of the Duts : Hoodie : explained in 5 points

On October 10th 2021 Duts launched their first hoodie. Since then the sales have doubled, the hoodie gets recognized and receives so much positive feedback. So it’s about time we dedicated a blog story to this iconic Duts design.

What makes this Duts design so loved?

1. The fabric

The Duts : Hoodie : is made of 92% high quality polyester and 8% elastane. During the design process of the hoodie we had a clear vision of the kind of fabric we wanted. We are big fans of this thick stretchy fabric that doesn’t make you sweat like crazy, but keeps you nice and warm and dries quickly. The fabric is definitely one of the key factors why it’s so loved.

2. The comfortable fit

Next to the freakishly comfortable fabric also the fit of the hoodie makes it special. The hoodie fits every body type: men, women, bigger/smaller/no boobs, skinny, petit, tall etc. The Duts hoodie has more length than your average hoodie which is perfect for as well as tall people but also for more petit people because no one want’s their butt crack out ;)

3. The attention the hoodie gets

Do you ever have someone walk up to you and ask/compliment you about your clothes? Not often? Because it only happens when you wear something special right, some design that stands out. Well we’ve heard from our customers that this happens to them quite often when wearing the : Hoodie :. How cool and fun is that? That the design works as a compliment booster and great way to meet new people ;)

4. The artwork

As you know the hoodie has various artwork prints. On the front you see our logo printed with high-density ink so that it pops out. It’s centered in the middle so that even with a jacket you can still see it. On the right arm you see Duts white stripes printed with the same pop out ink. Our iconic pink counter is located on the back together with some of our favorite illustrations, like Snoopy, printed in fine white lines all over the back.

5. The new favorite sweater factor

100% of our Duts : Hoodie : wearers say it’s their new favorite hoodie that they wear all the time. Because it keeps you warm wherever you go, fits almost every occasion (ok maybe not black-tie) and makes you look even greater than you already do.

All of the above is nothing new when you already are a lucky owner of our limited edition (100 pieces max) : Hoodie : Don’t own one yet? Go to our online shop and buy one for yourself, you deserve it!

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