Inside the fashion design process - From idea to Duts™ Design

We have so many ideas for our designs. All the designs that we made until now were really fun and interesting to make. We never design multiple pieces at the same time. We are not in a rush and want to give every idea all the time and energy that it deserves. Duts is not a fast fashion brand, we make timeless items that never go out of style and aren’t season bound so they keep their value.

Behind the designs

The idea for what type of apparel (T-shirt, cap, hoodie etc.) is usually unanimously clear from the start. We most of the time also already have an idea about what prints, colours and other criteria we want for the design. Then we work out the idea in designs with sketches and on the computer in InDesign/Illustrator. We also reach out to different manufacturers and see which one matches our wishes the best.  

We only want the best

We work very closely with the experts from the manufacturers in finishing the design to production. We always want the highest quality fabrics and prints. We’re fans of high density printing. This method is great for special effects on designs and to make your design pop! And we of course fine-tune our designs for the most comfortable fit for you. We carefully measure out and create our designs by the centimeter (literally and figuratively). All Duts designs are unisex, this is 'Why Duts unisex clothing is the future of sustainable fashion'.

No plan(et) B

There is no plan(et) B so sustainability is part of all our choices. For example, high-density printing is an incredibly durable and a sustainable printing material that can be reusable and recyclable. Have you noticed that Duts designs don’t have all kinds of unnecessary tags? Our bags are recyclable, Duts flyers are made of recycled paper and are FSC certified and our shipping boxes are recycled/FSC/recyclable.

We also look for green manufacturers like one of our manufacturers in Portugal with its sustainable approach. Duts doesn't follow the fast fashion business model which means designs are sustainably produced in limited edition (low) quantities and are seasonless.

Duts is part of the slow fashion movement.


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