Duts series of designs

A Duts fan? Discover all the Duts episodes a.k.a. designs. See the list of 'episodes' below. Did you know that 'duts' is also a Belgian/Flemish word? Duts actually means silly person or sucker. It’s about a (Duts)life style where you just have fun, enjoy life to the fullest while working for everything you want to pursue. Don’t take life too seriously.

Not a TV show

Duts is not a TV show but a limited edition apparel brand. At the 21st of June 2020 we launched our first limited collection. Duts stands for iconic apparel of high quality that is designed with much care and consideration. Inspired by the limited edition automotive and bag industry each item has its own unique visible number up to 100 max. It all started in September 2019 at our home in the Netherlands with our ideas and vision for Duts. Want to know more? Read about us.

From left to right (see designs below)

Episode 1: The one with the : White Stripes :
Episode 2: The one with the : Botsmuts :
Episode 3: The one with the : Hoodie :

Duts series episodes

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