Special collaboration Duts x getlifted

Duts teamed up with getlifted for a very special, limited edition (only 5 pieces) V-neck T-shirt. We’d been following each other on Instagram for quite some time and came up with the idea to do this collab in June 2022. The result is epic and a real eye-catcher for our fans. 

The artist behind getlifted

The artist behind getlifted (or getlftd) is famous for his drip and splash art in the USA. His M.O. is low altitude n steady cruise, create something, expect nothing… it’s a love thing. Get lifted! We out ;) You can check out his art and designs on his Instagram page: @getlftd.

The story behind drip and splash 💧

Splash art uses a variety of tools to splash or splatter canvases with paint, so artists are free to drip, throw or flick art onto an array of surfaces to create their latest piece. Brushes, sticks and other implements are used to give slightly different effects with plenty of different actions tried and tested to get the desired finish, making this a highly energetic artistic medium.

When art and comfort come together

Does the : getlifted V-neck : T-shirt look familiar? That’s because getlifted used our Duts : V-neck : basic T-shirt as his canvas. This design combines the most comfortable fit (extra long) and the infamous drip and splash style. This collab consists of 5 designs/items. Each item has it’s own unique drip and splash art in different colors (pink, turquoise, red, light petrol grey, black). Size L has stripes on the back, S/XS on the front and size M is available in both.

Shop this very limited edition collab now!

Special collaboration Duts x getlifted
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