Q&A about limited edition brand Duts

At the 21st of June 2020 Duts launched its first limited collection of designer T-shirts. An iconic collection of high quality T-shirts that are designed with much care and consideration. Inspired by the limited edition automotive and bag industry each item has its own unique visible number up to 100 max. Want to know more? Read this Q&A with us, Sven & Margo (the founders).

It all started in September 2019 at our home in the Netherlands with our ideas and vision for Duts. We immediately became active on Instagram (@duts_life) to reach our Duts people and share our enthusiasm and story.

What is the Duts slogan?

Our slogan is ‘Wear art. Wear the difference.’ because we design apparel that has similar characteristics to art. Wearing ‘the difference’ means being unique. Don’t wear what thousands of people wear. It also means more than that. Like ‘wear the difference’ for a different world where care for our environment comes first.

Where is your first design made?

Our first design is made in Portugal. Portugal produces locally and nurtures the traditional artisanal techniques and craftsmanship of their native country. Duts is one of the brands that is part of an industry of small-scale manufacturing whilst carefully creating beautiful fashion and garments.

What’s the meaning of the word ‘Duts’?

It stands for ‘Definitely Unique T-shirt Swag’. No just kidding. Duts actually means silly person or sucker. It’s about a (Duts)life style where you just have fun, enjoy life to the fullest while working for everything you want to pursue. Don’t take life too seriously. The logo fits perfectly with this motto. What does the Duts logo stand for? It’s an abstract version of a famous emoticon. Curious? Read our blog ‘Abstract art: The story behind the Duts™ logo’.

How big is the Duts company?

The Duts company is a start up. This means we are quite small. The core company consists of just two people. But still, if you look at the people involved in making our first product, the number is around 20. We need every single one to create the high quality products we want to offer.

Where can you buy Duts?

You can order our very first T-shirt online via our webshop with free delivery. Want to be informed about our future launches? Subscribe to our newsletter when you register an account. Questions? Feel free to email us: info@dutslife.com.

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