About sports cars and Duts

There is something magic about sports cars. Some love Porsche, others love Ferrari.
You don’t see em every day
They are expensive loud / noisy
Still you want them

There is that. But you can also take it one step further. In recent history this happened more and more. Look at the Aston Martin one-77 for example. A true beauty with only 77 units produced. Or the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, a true beauty with 499 units produced.

The fewer they make, the more special it gets.

I want one… I need one… you know the feeling.
But most of us cannot.

Duts produces everything in limited edition only. We do see large brands taking this route for some specific items as well. Nike for example has a few sneakers in limited edition.

But Duts is unique
We only make limited edition goods. Period. Never more than 100 editions of one design.

Did you already get your collectors item?

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