Why Duts unisex clothing is the future of sustainable fashion

Unisex clothing has something for everyone, and that’s the beauty of it

The word unisex clothing has defined itself. It refers to clothes that are created without a specific gender in mind. Both male and female can wear them comfortably. Thus, gender should not be a concern for you anymore when you are choosing clothes!

Unisex clothing is more popular among eco brands

You will find that unisex clothing more popular among eco brands like Duts. These brands try to stay sustainable and encourage consumers to adapt to slow fashion. Unisex clothing has the advantage of bringing less variations in products. And in terms of production, less variation means less waste. Many brands that make unisex clothing are independent and produce small batches with considered designs. Just like Duts. We produce small batches of our designs in limited editions made with sustainable Portuguese craftmanship.

Keeping clothes in circulation

In the move towards a more circular economy the ideal option is to keep clothing in use for as long as possible. Which is much more achievable when swapping or selling thru resellers like StockX or other primary and secondary markets for limited edition goods. If we only swap within the boundaries of gender then we miss out on doing this as effectively as we could; keeping more clothes out of landfill. Sustainable fashion, in its truest sense, exists both to minimise our impact on the planet and to protect the wellbeing of those who inhabit it. It’s about keeping clothes in circulation for as long as we can.

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Wear art. Wear the difference.

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